Zero Loss Formula Review – Our Experience

Welcome everyone and thanks for taking out some time to read this review for Zero Loss Formula, a new auto trading software for binary options trading by Peter Morgan. Here is a brief overview of the new software:

Software Name: Zero Loss Formula a.k.a No Loss Formula

Created By: by Peter Morgan

Official Website:

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Zero Loss Formula – What We Think About

The trading software in question today is the Zero Loss Formula, also known as the No Loss Formula. If you find yourself on the receiving end for the promotions regarding the auto trader, we advise that you read our full and informative review first, as most of you already know we do not have favourites, or do anyone any favours, we tell it is at is regardless of the outcome.

Therefore if you want to know if the Software can be trusted or should be avoided as a scam, you have come to the right place.

One thing we were a little impressed with when watching the presentation for the software also known as the Zero Loss Formula that is going to transform your life into something a lot more positive, there was almost full of information regarding the software.

As a general rule this usually ready indicates to us that we are dealing with a scam, but as most of you know, we never leave it there and look for further proof and information when publishing a review on each and every auto trader.

The info provided regarding the Zero Loss Formula is that the unique and exclusive algorithm was created and developed by a guy with the name of by Peter Morgan. We regrettably do not know much about him, and we had to dig quite deep to find the little intelligence we were able to find on him.

We believe the name he is using is some or other alias name in order to keep his true identity from the masses of people interested in his algorithm. We have however found out from a very reliable source that this is not the first algorithm that he has created, and that there is a current software out there that is already a big success and very profitable.

Origin of  Zero Loss Formula

Peter Morgan is a veteran binary options trader who claims to have come up with a highly effective auto trading software and has named it as Zero Loss Formula. This software is said to be made on the basis of slight loophole in trading scenario and market that he found during his experience in the Wall Street.

Now the loophole story cannot be confirmed entirely, but the reliability of the results of this software makes his case strong. The software has been created on the algorithm, which boosts from the strategical and methodical manners of trading by an expert himself. The software has provided an impressive accuracy rate of 70 – 80 percent which is all good by any means.

Zero Loss Formula is a completely automated software and thus does not need users to do anything. Now the claims are that this software can make one earn 10-12K dollars a day which is a bit ridiculous but yes, this does not mean at all that this software doesn’t work.

It works, but just not to that extent which it is being claimed to. In fact, the numbers being claimed can also be achieved, but that would need a heavy initial investment as well. So if anyone is looking to score decent and earn consistently, this software is for them.

Who is Peter Morgan

Peter Morgan is the maker and CEO of this software and the company. He has had a successful career as a Wall Street trader who made a lot of money for his clients all over. He credited his success to the software which they used to work with, which was actually developed by Peter himself.

So after many years out there, he finally decided to work on this software along with a team of his own, few of which were his colleagues who worked alongside him.  The best brains came together and they bettered this software every year to come up with better and constant results.

How It Works and Getting Started

Zero Loss Formula software works by analyzing the market conditions and asset movement. It does that by receiving the market information regularly from various sources.

Its constant analyses assist its algorithm to work on the assets and to predict which one will earn good and almost for sure. Once the prediction is made, it sends back signals to notify the user regarding the trade with highest possibility of earning good. It then places the trade on them and earns profits for the user.

It does not require user to be an expert in the field as even a newbie can be able to earn good by using it. It is being provided for free. This does not mean at all that the initial investment will also not be required because no trade can be made without investment. But other than that, there is not other charge of any sort.

To get started with it, kindly follow the steps below:

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Register yourself at Just needs to fill in their Name and Email Address and once done, just make the initial deposit, set up your trading account with the recommended broker and one can relax as the software will work for him/ her.

Important Facts and Benefits of Zero Loss Formula

There are certain facts about the Disrupt Trading software, which favors it for being a legit software and its benefits make it a software worth giving a shot at. Here are listed a few such facts and benefits:

  • The software is an easy to use app which works completely in an automated mode.
  • The broking firms associated with the softwares are completely certified.
  • The software is completely verified and certified by the law firms of national and international stature.
  • There are no charges whatsoever for downloading or using this app. All that is needed is an initial investment. Based on the investment made, the outcomes can vary.
  • The software comes with a round the clock user support for technical issues with the software.
  • So if anyone faces any issue, experts from the company will be there to assist them.
  • The app is completely compatible with almost every hand held mobile device, along with the desktops and laptops.

Our Conclusion on Zero Loss Formula:

Everyone can have a different opinion about one thing, but our team of experts has come to a single conclusion that this software is not a scam at all. It works really well, especially for those who are looking to earn decent. It works on

It works on simple, yet effective algorithm, which has been created by an expert himself. No big numbers can be achieved without investing big but if someone is looking to earn good with small investment, this software can do the task for sure. Our verdict, we recommend it to all!

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